Cr399 - The Coat Hanger Asterism

This open cluster of stars seems to resemble a "coat hanger".  The small cluster of stars on the right end of the coat hanger is NGC 6802.

Note: Many have inquired as to the faint arc passing through the second bright blue star from the right.  This is an artifact cause by a reflection in an improperly finished focuser.  I have repainted the interior of this focuser with flat black and the arc is no longer a problem.

Note:  This image was selected Astronomy Picture of the Day January 12, 2007

Location:Gastonia, NC
Optics:Orion ED 80mm, 600mm f/7.5
Exposure:RGB: 9 x 2 min each
Camera:SBIG STL-11000M
Mount:Losmandy G11