Shadow of the Mountain Observatory - The Build

March 18-20, 2011: Base Foundation, Part 2

3/18/11: There are 6 interior posts. Here are the 3 holes for the west side.

3/19/11: And here are the 3 holes for the east side. Fortunately, there was very little rock to contend with. There were overnight forecasts for light showers, so I tarped the concrete...I didn't want to wake up to a pile of bricks!

3/19/11: Next the posts were cut (by chainsaw), trued up and bolted.

3/19/11: Joists are now bolted to the posts.

3/19/11: Now that everything is level and plum 80 pounds of concrete are mixed and poured into each hole and topped off with packed dirt.

3/19/11: Most of the remaining joists are put in place using screws to draw everything in nice and tight. There is a gap where a few are left out. This is where I will need to dig the footer for the pier. I'll add those later.

3/20/11: Joist hangers are nailed in place. The hole for the pier footer is started. The marks on the front joist delineate where the door is located.

3/20/11: A wide angle view showing off the weekend's progress. The dirt pile is what is left over; this will be used to fill in stump holes later. Next, we'll lay down the deck and finish digging the big hole. Then about a ton of concrete needs to be mixed and poured!

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