Shadow of the Mountain Observatory - The Build

April 2-3, 2011: Deck

4/2/11: Progress was delayed until Saturday due to freezing rain and snow. Here I am finishing up the joist hangers with some additional nails. It was a very windy day with gusts up to 50 mph.

4/2/11: The first two panels are in place.

4/2/11: Before screwing down any more panels I decided to go ahead and cut and place the remaining joists. These are just lightly screwed in so that I can remove them next time to pour the footer..

4/2/11: To cut sheet materials with the circular saw I use this handy jig. All that is necessary is to clamp down the jig along my measurement marks and make the cut. It makes a straight and accurate cut every time.

4/3/11: Decking complete. The sections over the pier footer are just screwed in the corners so they can be removed easily to dig and pour the footer.

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