Shadow of the Mountain Observatory - The Build

April 28-30, 2011: Pier Footer Cleanup and Pier Prep

4/28/11: This was new moon weekend and also coincided with Southern Star Astronomical Convention which was only a few miles away. So between observing and attending the events, not much work got done, but I did manage to get some time in. Here you can see the template and forms removed from the footer. That front right bolt is a little off plumb, but not nearly as bad as it looks in this photo. I was able to get the template off without much fanfare, so hopefully the pier will slide on with no issues. The holes on the pier are about a 1/4" wider than the bolts, so there is some wiggle room.

4/29/11: With the footer in place, now I can finish the joists and flooring.

4/29/11: My buddy Don did a great job on welding up the pier. There is a bit of surface rust to take care of, but she is just about ready...


4/29/11: The photo on the left shows the progress with the rust removal. There is still a hint here and there, but nothing to be concerned about. The photo on the right is after spraying on two cans of bedliner spray (DupliColor from Advanced Auto). To my eye it looks as good as, if not better than, powder coating and perhaps more durable. It should also be real easy to touch up when scuffed or dinged. The top plate is masked off...I will just paint that flat black.

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